By Alyssia Turner

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Which people in life inspire you the most? Why?

My kids inspire me the most, and that is because children are an important target audience for my business. What goes on in a child’s imagination is what we want to create. Admittedly, sometimes their ideas are so far out there. But if you can create something to give them that feeling, and let the magic within them come to life, and it creates a lifelong memory.
At Shine Illumination, my team and I create Instagramable installations and experiences at public spaces, like retail centers, hotels or harbor boardwalks, that attract thousands of people daily. Some displays are 15-foot tall characters powered by animatronics, and others use lights to create an interactive experience that takes you away to whimsical land. Our goal is to make everything a playground where families can get back to quality time together, where couples can build new traditions and friends can get the perfect festive photo to share with their Instagram followers.

What do you think makes your work stand out?

There really isn’t another company that does what we do on the West Coast. We aim to create something different in our community. We want to build experiences that turn your everyday retail center into a destination. And to do so, we have to create buzz around something they’ve never seen before – we have to really ‘wow!’ them. We’re dedicated to being bold, and always trying new things. We never say no to clients, and we always push their creativity. We want our projects to be an experience unlike anything they’ve seen that makes people want to share with friends, family and on social media. We’ve seen it happen – our installations making people come back once, twice and even three times with different friends or family each time.