Shine Illumination specializes in crafting custom displays to create viral experiences for customers, fans and event attendees.

Because our aim is to meet our partners’ goals and exceed their expectations, Shine’s first step is to assess exactly what they’re looking for. From there, our team gets to work making your vision come to life, utilizing all of our resources. As a result of our unique process, our work has been featured at trade shows, commercial centers, city displays, shopping malls and major events, and has been shared, posted, tagged and otherwise sent all over the globe.

We’ve assembled an all-star team to make sure your project meets all of your specifications from start to finish. A few of our capabilities currently include:

  • CAD design
  • Custom carpentry
  • Foam displays
  • Welding & fabrication
  • CNC capabilities
  • Lighting & electrical work
  • Engineering & animatronics

We are constantly adding new skillsets as new challenges present themselves and we look forward to those opportunities.  Let us know what you’re looking for and we can bring your imagination to life.

Once the sun goes down and the lights come to life, there’s an opportunity to create the perfect experience.

Whether your lighting needs are to celebrate, entertain, enhance, promote, or just illuminate, your best move is to get Shine Illumination’s 15 years of experience of lighting on your side. We have designed events from the intimate to the extravagant and our team of experts always finds creative solutions for even the most difficult venues, as well as seamless execution.

We are firm believers that what people “see” will make them smile, but what they “feel” will bring them back. Give us a call today to see how we can help you create the perfect experience.



Shine Illumination understands that each of our partners has very specific, very unique design requirements, as well as a wide range of goals they’re looking to meet. It’s our aim to not just understand those needs and goals, but to exceed them. For that reason, we do a thorough inspection of the property, ensuring that what we put together checks every box you have, and then some. This requires plenty of back and forth to make sure we get it right, which is why we view our clients more as partners than anything else. This mandatory exploration period is what puts the wheels in motion for your custom project – from design to fabrication, from assembly to installation, and all the way through maintenance, removal, storage and refurbishment.


Many of our clients have seen our work and come prepared with a handful of ideas they’d like to explore, while others like us to ‘go nuts’ with new ideas. The reality is that most projects fall somewhere in between, but at Shine Illumination, we embrace every opportunity and are more than capable to jump in at any point to ensure that you get your own signature display. Our team of designers, fabricators and engineers are always ready to put together a jaw-dropping presentation that works for you. As a result of our unique process, our work has been featured at trade shows, commercial centers, city displays, shopping malls and major events, and has been shared, posted, tagged and otherwise sent all over the globe.


Once approved, the real fun begins. Based on our conversations, Shine Illumination’s crew of expert licensed craftsman start the building process in our warehouse, using any variety of materials (foam, composite materials, steel, fiberglass, prepared woods, etc.). You’re informed along the way to ensure the end product is exactly what you’re expecting, as well to illustrate our own high standards of quality control, which far exceed industry standards. Once crafted and final touches are made, we break down each display and prepare them for transportation and installation at your venue – again, this is another very detailed process that is designed to fit your needs. Depending on your needs, our displays can also be custom built to fit a variety storage options, including our own warehouse.


Shine Illumination handles all of our own installations, to ensure top quality work which we stand by. Our installs are designed to maximize ease and efficiency beginning with delivery of your custom décor to the installation site. Our crew arrives with all of the equipment necessary to install your custom pieces and does so while treating your space with great care. The install isn’t done until our supervisor and crew affirm that your decorations have been installed flawlessly, and you agree. When (if) your display is ready to come down, we follow the same meticulously detailed process to make sure the entire process is a breeze, with our industry-leading attention to detail.


Shine Illumination’s approach to building custom displays is to know the end before we start. For that reason, we always discuss what it should look like when it’s up, but what happens after it’s taken down. We want to know where and it will be stored, knowing that those factors will help determine not only how we build it, but what material to use. It will also tell us the maintenance that will be required, and we’ll consult with you on that in the beginning as well, to make sure all your decisions are well informed, from start to storage. In the end, as well as every other part of the process, you’ll be glad you chose Shine Illumination.

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