Safety First (unless you’re a Griswold… )

The holidays are a wonderful time of year full of love, laughter and making memories, and we here at Shine Illumination want to make sure you enjoy this time
without a hitch! Safety is one of our top priorities when installing lighting and décor for our clients, so below you will find our Top Five Safety Tips for doing it the right
way to avoid any damage to your home or yourself.

  1. Secure your ladder on a sturdy surface or ask someone to keep the ladder steady. If you’re going to hang lights in trees or on the roofline, you’re going to need a dependable ladder to reach these heights safely.
  2. Never use indoor Christmas lights outdoors. Weather and other elements will cause them to break down much faster, if not break. Worst-case scenario, it can start a fire. Likewise use outdoor-rated extension cords.
  3. Always tape all of your connections.
  4. Be sure to store your lights correctly. Let them dry out and store them in an interior closet. Avoid the attic or basement as extreme heat can deteriorate wiring.
  5. Use LED lights rather than incandescent. They are easier to use and much more reliable. Hey are hard to break and don’t burn as hot.

Shine Illumination is your choice full-service holiday lighting company located in the heart of Southern California, and we have been in business for 10 years. We have developed an exceptional rapport with our clientele and take great pride in what we do. Let us help you bring your vision to life without the fuss of worrying about the details. Contact us today at (949) 480-1599 and check out our Instagram page @shineillumination for more inspiration.

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