Forget the Path, Blaze a Trail

Have you ever heard the saying, “Only Dead Fish Go With the Flow”? This quote is a great representation of our philosophy here at Shine Illumination. While we are very happy to design a traditional holiday masterpiece that perfectly fits and highlights your property’s specifications, we also want to remind our current clients and inform our future ones that there is so much more to Christmas décor than your standard wreaths, garland and lights. Our strength is thinking outside the box and coming up with a fresh take on celebrating the holidays in a visual way. Whether it be constructing a tree entirely out of decorative balls, or using your dynamic landscape as a projection board for a spectacular light show, allow us to expand your imagination and open you up to the full spectrum of ideas and options that we can provide. We also love when our customers come up with new and artistic ideas that challenge us, so let’s schedule a conversation today.

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