Drive Better

When designing spectacular lighting displays for our clients, one of the most often asked questions is; “Will it drive more business to us?” The short answer is absolutely. According to, the holiday season accounts for more sales than Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter, and St. Patrick’s Day combined! In 2016 holiday retail sales amounted to approximately 655.8 billion dollars. Don’t you want your business to be collecting those Benjamins? We do too, and when you partner with Shine Illumination, we do everything we can to get traffic to your door so you can close the deal!

We all know what a successful holiday marketing tool it can be to invite Santa and his elves to visit your place of business to pose for photos and take gift requests. Now imagine that same scenario lit up like a true winter wonderland. Suddenly you’re a destination, a place for everyone to be, taking photos of themselves and posting it for their friends and family and all the other voyeurs out there. In other words (in ‘business speak’), you’re getting multiples of new audiences, including countless new demographics. By providing you with an expertly crafted, visual experience we are creating an efficient and economical way for you to promote your business via social media, and get foot traffic or digital traffic – or even better, BOTH!

Given the opportunity, we know Shine Illumination can make your business glow, then buzz with posts, tags, likes, and reposts. Let’s get together and start lighting things up!

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