With the amount of work we put in, everybody we work with is our partner.

(And if repeat business is an indicator, I think our partners feel the same way.)

  • Concepting/Visualizing

    Exploring, daydreaming, ideating – there are lots of fun words for this phase, and they all fit. We determine what would work best for you here, and figure out a way to do it later. It’s in this phase that we match your goals with our capabilities (as well as go through lots of erasers) as we fine tune what will be perfect for you.

  • Creation/Fabrication

    At this point, our collaborative ideas come to life, and start to take real shape and real form. Creativity manifests itself here in the form of a variety of materials, building techniques, and foresight into transportation and installation.

  • Installation/Programming

    Depending on the scope of your project, you’ll see an army of well-trained professionals discreetly come in and quickly install all the elements in a well orchestrated symphony of efficiency and safety. They’ll also coordinate well in advance with your team to ensure the timing works for your venue, and that any and all electrical/technical requirements are ready to go.

  • Maintenance

    As important as the previous steps, we ensure that not only does your vision come to life, but that it stays that way for the duration of our contract. We pride ourselves on doing quality work to the extent that we’re comfortable standing behind our products, our installation, and our team. If there are any needs that arise, we handle them quickly to ensure a seamless experience.

  • Removal/Storage

    All good things must come to an end – except for our commitment to you. At seasons end, to be determined by you, we’ll safely remove your decor working around your post-holiday schedule. Additionally, we’ll gladly store it all so it stays safe, in good condition, and ready to go for the following season or event.

  • YOY Growth & Strategy

    Finally, we know that you’re working year round to ensure growth and progress, so we do the same. We’ll assist you with annual growth plans so your displays never grow old, always stay fresh and modern, and maintain a level of excellence you expect in every aspect of your business. As we enter this phase, the cycle starts all over again, which reminds us how lucky we are to be involved in the holidays all year long!